the fry right system

The Fry Right System

Takes the “guess work” out of frying!

The Fry Right System was created in operating commercial kitchens to reduce costs and increase profits.  Our turn key solution adapts too and optimizes your current oil management program, creating a seamless transition.

The Fry Right System takes a major chore and makes it an easy job!

In order to fry right, you have to know which variables to watch.  The truth is frying is a complicated process, and although easy to use, is the most complicated cooking tool in the kitchen. Applying heat to oil, then adding water and food invokes a chemical reaction. That chemical reaction breaks oil molecules and produces compounds and carbons. Without proper tools and protocols the cooking oil gets dirtier with every cook up. As the pollutants increase exponentially, the density of the oil increases considerably. This makes it so that the oil is able to penetrate the steam shield called the Linden Frost Effect. When the oil breaks through, it carries compounds and carbons onto the food which dramatically decreases food quality.  The Fry Right System eliminates this issue at the core. When your employees can achieve a clean frying environment, the age and thus the color of the oil does not diminish the quality of the food’s presentation or taste.

There are many similarities in The Fry Right System compared to your current oil management program. They should be monitoring temperature, filtering their oil, cleaning their vats, and changing out their oil based on quality. The difference is The Fry Right System supplies your employees with the training and tools to do a much more effective job with less work. All GMs are dealing with the big picture, while we are focused on supporting them with just one very lucrative aspect of their kitchen.  Due to the tremendous amount of details involved with managing a restaurant, this cooking tool does not get the time and attention that is required to deliver high quality (Tasty, Healthier, Safe) fried food  while prolonging the oil cycle.  To put it simply; WE INCREASE PROFITS WHILE DECREASING COSTS!  Millions have been invested to understand and learn how to optimize and maximize the potential profits of this unique cooking tool.  The result is The Fry Right System which provides the tools and knowledge needed to produce high quality fried food consistently and extend the life of the oil cycle continuously, with ease.  

During system implementation our training with your team ensures maximum system adaptation.  We support our partners through time to ensure that The Fry Right System benefits are being realized.  Our system provides training and suggests tools that ensure tasty, safe, healthier fried food for your customers, which is being proven every day in operating commercial kitchens.  Our protocols focus on habits that help increase quality and reduce waste.  Our system specific tracking sheet is a quick glance guide to help management monitor the important variables for quick action solutions to maintain consistent quality fried food and long oil cycles.  The Fry Right System simplifies this major chore and creates an easy manageable job.

Increasing Quality Increases Profits – Providing healthier, safe, high quality fried food on a consistent basis increases repeat business.  Fried food can be appetizers, side dishes or the main course.  There are many opportunities for fried food to impression on your customers.  The Fry Right System sets a standard that establishes the right expectation with your customer, and meets that expectation each and every time they visit.  First impression is the most important, but every impression counts.  Consistent high quality fried food impacts and solidifies a customer’s impression with a reliable memory of great tasting food from that restaurant location all the time.  If they do not notice a quality difference their visits are not unconsciously dictated.  Consistent high quality fried food results in new customers becoming regular customers, and regular customers coming back more often.  The great thing about regular customers is they tend to spend more then new customers.  Increase repeat business and you increase sales, which will always solve problems!

Oil Recycling – Proper micron filtration and TPM measuring are key to recycling oil without compromising the safety, health, taste, and presentation of the fried food produced.  Compounds and carbons created in the chemistry of frying not only accelerate the brake down of the fry oil, but drastically reduce the quality of the fried food.  By controlling these variables on a constant basis the brake down from thermal degradation is dramatically slowed down and becomes a predictable cycle. Although it is counter intuitive, the more you fry the longer your oil lasts.  Our system can provide the tools needed to achieve  progressively long oil cycles that produce constant quality.  Oil consumption should be consistent with the number of jugs of oil it takes to fill all fryer vats + top off, per cycle.   Regardless of the amount of food being fried or the age of the oil, clean oil produces healthier, safe, tasty fried food continuously.  This will potentially eliminate 2 to 4 oil change outs per month or more, depending on current restaurant oil cycle.

Reduce Labor – Reducing oil consumption requires consistently clean oil and fryer vats which can be a major chore.   Routine cleaning with the right tools can simplify the job drastically.  Our cleaning protocols and tools keep vats pristine clean with less effort.  A quick cleaning while filtering and  1 Soak per vat, per cycle  is all that our system requires to get amazing results.  Maximizing effectiveness while minimizing efforts, significantly decreases labor costs associated with fryer maintenance.  This reduces the major chore to an easy job, which lessens the time needed to accomplish it.

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Although the systems used may differ, there exists a common purpose among both successful independents and chain operators alike — in order for a restaurant to be successful, it must deliver consistent quality in both product and service.

Considering that 60-80% of your business comes from repeat customers; it’s paramount that you meet or exceed your guests’ expectations over and over. However, too many operators fail to recognize that in order to be consistent, they must have systems in place that promote consistency.

In his article, ‘How to Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Business’, author Jim Laube says, “You can only create consistency and predictability, the two most important factors in any business, with a good system.”

The Fry Right System is a good system to help your good restaurant become a great business!


Jim Laube