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Fry Right re-implements the System at Dairy Queen in Provo Utah

Fry Right has had the privilege to re-implemented the system at the dairy queen in Provo Utah. This location is kitty corner from the BYU-U football stadium.  Since January 2016, this dairy queen has gone through three turnovers at the GM level.  This particular location reports an average 12 day Quality Cycle on their monthly monitoring report.  Each time a new GM has taken over, the quality cycle has diminished during the time it takes to re-implement the fry right system.

For those of you that do not know.  Quality Cycle = The length of time frying oil can go with day 12 tasting and looking just as good as day 2 (any one with frying experience will know why it has to be day 2) (we have quality cycles reported from 7 to 18 days)


Frying is complex and grueling, and the production and build up of carbon is consistent and relentless.  It never takes a brake, so when a new GM is put in place industry habits tend to rear their ugly head. Below is the result of 3 months of boil-outs still using Fry Right’s Vat Cleaner!

Dirty Fryer Vat

Now, you must understand, this fryer is considered clean enough or better, in most commercial kitchens.  The GM would be very happy with the way this fryer looks currently.  You can still see little scratches of stainless steel on the heating elements, that is a pretty rare sight!  Everything below the oil level line is generally pitch black.  When you see a fryer that looks like this, it means the crew has been scrubbing their a$$es off.


There is only one way the fryer vat can look, in order to achieve a 12 day quality cycle. If the fryers are not brand new clean looking fryers, the quality cycle can not be maximized.

Ask any cook or GM, when the oil goes dark, so does the food.  Not with the fry right system.  We know that the main reason for this is carbon production and deposit.

The any oil exposed to extreme heat for 10+ days gets really dark, but the oil still can produce presentable quality fried food!  It is possible, with the fry right system, to produce golden fried food from extremely dark oil.  This fact is what turns pessimists into believers!

As you can see, The GM of this dairy queen location was able to reclaim the integrity of the fryer vat.  The quality cycle that had diminished to 6 days, was now back to a 12 day cycle with just one Vat Cleaning!  Amazing, impressive, standing ovation are of few of the words or actions that come to mind when you consider the mind blowing results the fry right system can produce.

Welcome to the fry right family!

Fry Right would like to give a shout out to Sarbia and Johnathon who are the new GM and head cook of the Dairy Queen in Provo Utah.  They are a good team, and motivated to do well. We feel that Sarbia and Johnathon will provide a great Dairy Queen experience for all the customers lucky enough to eat at their restaurant.  The fried food is safe and healthier, and the quality should be very consistent.

Thank you both for your time and attention.  It is great to have Sarbia join the family of fry right system operators.

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