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Force Within Frying!

The force within frying can be optimized, and your commercial kitchen will produce unbelievable results with less effort! Imagine employees that can keep a fryer vat looking like new all the time without breaking a sweat. super clean looking oil in a fryer

How nice would it be if your oil life cycle increased by 42.9% to over 400% without losing any quality in taste or presentation. If you take your oil 7 days, an increase of 42.9% would mean your location is going 10 days, which  is our shortest recorded oil life cycle increase.  This reduces your boil out labor by 25%. I know you are thinking this is impossible. However, The Fry Right System has a monthly report that provides a proven track record with partners that are achieving amazing results like these and better as you read this.

Currently the commercial kitchen industry is plagued with old habits and concepts passed from person to person that make frying the worst job in the commercial kitchen.  Employees are taught industry habits that keep them guessing and assuming the worst when it comes to frying.  We have been in a plethora of commercial kitchens and have learned that they all fry the same way.  A consistent perception passed along from employee to employee is that the frying section of the commercial kitchen is skanky, just ask anyone.  They say that crazy is doing the same thing expecting different results, so why are commercial kitchens still cascading???  Ask any person in a commercial kitchen to tell you about frying or what it is, and the majority will tell you this; “you take food, put it in the basket, put it in the oil, and push the button. Once it beeps, take it out and put it on the plate. That’s frying!” They are not even given enough knowledge about the cooking tool to understand the basics, IT’S CHEMISTRY.

First of all, their answer is not wrong! That is the process to fry food. That is what they do, so that is all they know! The problem with the answer is that it shows a lack of understanding in the commercial kitchen industry when it comes to the complexities of frying due to the chemistry and creation of carbon and polarized compounds. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to understanding how to properly optimize the force within frying.  This is where The Fry Right System comes into play.  We change the perspective and culture within the commercial kitchen by empowering the employees to optimize the force within frying.

Did you know that frying is made possible by a force field? Interesting fact huh?  The fuel for this force field is moisture. Each time fresh new food is dropped into a fryer, there is a new, replenished source of fuel for this force field with every basket of food. Because this is the case, each basket of food has the potential to be as good as the last basket of food, regardless of how dark the oil becomes through time.  When a commercial kitchen optimizes this force within frying, they start to do something different and the results change to AMAZING!

Watch this video below from MythBusters that shows the power of this force within frying.