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The Fry Right System is so easy to operate, it does not get lost in translation as you “run for the boarder”! This is as “thinking outside the bun” as it gets! Props to old school slogans of Taco Bell.

Those slogans are of my generation, back in the day munch en at Taco Bell.  I am very thankful and honored to have the opportunity to work with this establishment.

I have had the privilege of teaching and working with Patty who is the GM of the Taco Bell at University Mall in Orem UT.  When I first implemented The Fry Right System at her Taco Bell, Patty was very nervous of the fact that I did not speak any Spanish what so ever, and she was not very strong in English.  Our first phone conversations where quite comical and did not establish anything.  I remember telling my wife “I don’t think that GM at Taco Bell in Orem Ut understands anything I am trying to say.”  I remember it took a few calls to get her to the point where she would actually schedule a time with me to come to her Taco Bell to start the first fry right system cycle.  Once I arrived at her Taco Bell  things started to jive.  Her husband played the part of the all important interpreter.  He helped me explain the complexities of the chemistry of frying, and how it related to the actions and tools she was being introduced too within the system.  He would explain the more technical details and relay her more technical questions, it was awesome to see awareness hit their eyes.  Her husband even commented on the flavor difference of our first fry right cook up.  He was a total believer after that.  It was one of the most awesome experiences I have had, when teaching the fry right system to someone!

It has been over one and a half years since Patty started working with The Fry Right System.  Her is her report on the results she achieves.  They are AMAZING!!! Her prep cook up will visibly blow your mind!