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Sonic employee quits higher paying job

Danny, who is the head cook at Sonic in Pocatello ID, was speaking with me about a recent work history event that was very interesting.He told me that he had just quite a job that was paying him more money because of how hard their frying program was. I have always claimed that The Fry Right System makes it easier for employees but now I have a testimonial from a head cook at Sonic to prove it.

When I first started working in the frying industry I was told that the number one problem was the employees.  They had a minimum wage mentality that made it so they were unwilling to work hard.  Due to the fact that you cannot micro manage an employee to clean fryers, this made it seem like that was a problem that would never be fixed.  As I begun to engage the commercial kitchen environment I was introduced to the horrifying job of BOIL OUT!  It was terrible!!!  Everyone provides a chemical that burns your skin, lungs and eyes because carbon deposits are so hard to remove.  Plus you have to scrub out in super hot water for the chemical to work, which makes me think its the hot water, more than the chemical, doing the cleaning.  The steam carries the chemical into your lungs while you scrub.  The super hot water makes your fingers turn numb even with super heavy thick gloves on.  The gloves make it really hard to get into corners or feel where there is carbon build up.  Now to make things even worse, employees are only given about 30 to 45  minutes to get the vat clean.  I have spent 8 hours with 2 other people cleaning 4 fryers.  It is a horrible job!

I don’t know many people who can do a job every week or so, when they know that they are not making a difference.  It beats down upon your moral which is why this job is generally left to the AGM to do.  The vats will be as bad if not worse below the oil line, every time.  It beats down on a person and makes it so they feel like they are failing.  Then management will step in and say, “hey, you need to do a better job on those fryers.”  Ya, right, like that is even possible in the employee’s mind.  The whole situation is dis-functional.  Once I had experienced this, I knew that the problem was not the employee!

The testimony you are about to see is a head cook that quite a higher paying job to come back to Sonic, and The Fry Right System was one of the main reasons.