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Our Frying Hero is Milton; who is the General Manager at Dairy Queen

The following video is a report from one of our frying Hero’s at Dairy Queen. He has been using The Fry Right System to achieve amazing results with his frying program for over a year now.  He is the General Manager of the Dairy Queen in Perry Utah next to the Pilot gas station off of I15.  
Milton has been in the industry for around 17 years. He has real time experience with how hard it is to keep fryers clean, especial when it is busy. He also knows the trials every GM faces when it comes to extending the life of oil. This conflicts with the main goal of producing consistent high quality fried food.  We are so proud to work with Milton and his location. Their commitment to delivering consistent safe, healthier fried food is exemplary. When we started with Milton he was taking his oil about 4 to 5 days  to maintain high fried food quality standards.  That is shorter than the standard 7 day cycle most places try to make their oil last.  We applaud restaurants that put their customers before their operating costs like Milton. It takes a strong character, with unyielding ethics, and genuine caring to lead.  This location has plenty of these traits long before we came along.  
Now, with the help of The Fry Right System, Milton and his crew enjoy long oil life with very little work to achieve it.  His oil is always safe, and his food quality and customer praise is proof!  He told us that people are telling him that they prefer his fries over the fries at the high end restaurant in Perry.  Who could blame them, on day 11 his fries still look like day 1.  We salute you Milton as a Fry Right Hero, Keep up the good work!


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