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Have you ever judged a meal before you ate it?  I know I have, and this is one of the many reasons why frying right is so important!

Because people eat with their eyes, the presentation quality of all restaurant food is one of the most important aspects of a perfect customer experience.  Everyone judges their meal before they taste it, that is what starts the meal off: “That’s a great looking burger, yummm!”  or, “That burger looks nasty, hope it tastes better than it looks!”  Fried food has a charcoal aftertaste when its presentation starts to fade which makes the experience that much more unpleasant.  It is something that customers may not notice at first because they are hungry, but you better believe they walk away wondering why the color was off and what is that after taste they could not wash down.

MacKenzie River in Butte Montana knows that people eat with their eyes, which is why they were spending a lot of additional money each month to keep their fried food looking and tasting presentable.  They were running peanut oil 3 to 4 days.  That is changing out one of the most expensive oils, a restaurant can use, twice a week!  I want to compliment them on this decision, it put their patrons before their profits!  I love these guys!  It is so expensive to change oil out that often, that the majority of restaurants do not change out even the cheaper frying oils that often.  Another awesome fact about the decision they were making was that their cooking oil was always safe.  We know because we tested the oil at 7 days and it was right around 13 TPM.  This is important because 24 TPM is when frying oil is no longer fit for human consumption!(learn more about TPM)

Once the safety of their oil environment was established, Fry Right was able to show them the difference of their fried food presentation and taste with proper filtration vs. improper filtration.  This is specific to the Micron filtering capabilities of a filter.  Here is a picture to show the presentation difference.  Please understand, the fried food pictured below is from the same 7 day old oil.  The top row is oil filtered with a paper cone filter, bottom row is oil filtered with a Fry Right provided filter pad:

color comparison of fried food before and after the fry right system

People eat with their eyes, so yes, you’re feeling hungry because that bottom row looks like golden delicious tastiness!

I challenge you to go and taste the difference for yourself, then compare it to any other frying program in Butte.  You will be amazed how the fried food at MacKenzie River in Butte Montana is great every single day you go.  Their last reported oil cycle took them 16 days safely with consistent high quality fried food each day!!!

I want to give a “SHOUT OUT” to this crew for producing great looking, safe fried food consistently!  I recommend the cheese curds or mac bites with a nice summer ale.  Now that was a perfect experience, cheers y’all!

Disclaimer: The Fry Right System does not make food look or taste better.  It teaches employees how to produce fried food that looks and tastes the way it is suppose too, effortlessly!