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Team MacKenzie River in Butte Montana is now proudly serving fry right certified fried food.  What does this mean?

It means that every piece of fried food served looks and tastes great all the time.  It also means it is safe, because MacKenzie River in Butte Montana monitors and records TPMs (total polar materials).  It is always my pleasure to work with people who care!  This crew goes above and beyond with their work ethic and their quality of service and food.  It is an honor to join a team of this caliber.  Thanks for having the courage to change your oil management program boys!

Fry Right and Mackenzie River Management From left to right: Colin is one of the coolest owner operators I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  His ability to motivate and inspire his team was a pleasure to witness.  He is also very cool to have a beer with.  Only 1 tho, he still has work to do.  Next to Colin is Jessie, who is a strong shift lead who can be counted on no matter what.  He is a team player and very knowledgeable through out the kitchen.  Next is Malaki.  He is the kitchen manager, who runs The Fry Right System.  He is more than willing to jump in and get his hands dirty, and his willingness to lead by example is evident when you see his organized clean kitchen.  Nothing out of place, and everything has a place.  I respect any manager that gets in and gets dirty with his crew, and Malaki is no exception.  I am the dude in the black and white shirt.  Hello!  Next to me is Adam.  A dedicated and vigilant general manager with a friendly smile and an ear for anyone who needs one.  He loves his job and makes sure that everyone has what they need.  I also would like to mention Brad Oleary who is the Assistant General Manager.  A team player and a great guy, unfortunately he was busy with life so he did not get to pose with us.

If you are in Butte Montana and are looking for a great place to enjoy great food, MacKenzie River is a great option for you and your family.  Concerning healthier, safe fried food, its the only option for you and your family in Butte Montana because no one else in Butte is fry right certified.  This means that no one else can match their consistent exceptional fried food quality and guarantee that their fried food is safe.  MacKenzie River in Butte Montana is fry right certified so they can!!!

Thank you guys!  I look forward to working with such a great fun team!  Oh ya, the cheese curds are awesome!

Fry Right and Mackenzie River Management having fun