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If you have gravity flow fryers, protect your employees and your investment.  Get a filter machine!

A good, reliable, fast, safe filtering machine is an essential tool for any commercial kitchen with gravity flow fryers.

Having a good filter machine is required by The Fry Right System so that you can properly take care of your oil through an entire cycle.  The results for our partners is reduced costs and increased profits.

If you have gravity flow fryers and you don’t have a filter machine you are doing one of two things.  Nothing, which is disgusting, or you are filtering with a pot and a 300 micron paper cone filter, which is not much better than nothing.  This filter does not remove any of the compounds that contribute to oil degradation and loss of quality in presentation and taste.  It only takes out what you could get with a skimmer tool, which is basically what you can see.  So you are having your employees perform a dangerous job that is not really providing any benefits.  Now, if you don’t know how dangerous the pot filtering method is, let me enlighten you.

POT FILTERING METHOD: First you get a big pot.  Now, place a filter cone inside the cone holder and then over the top of the pot.  Go over to the fryer and twist on the exit valve pipe.  Make sure it is semi tight.  Now, pull the pot under the fryer exit valve pipe and pull the lever (if it is smoking, you forgot to turn off the heat!).  350+ degree oil should now be pouring into the pot  like fast running water.  The oil is passing through the 300 micron cone filter, so watch out for a little splash back.  Depending upon the size of the fryer,  there will be any where from 50 pounds to 87 pounds of super hot oil emptied into the pot.  That is right, just enough weight to make it difficult and in some cases really dangerous.  Once all of the oil is out of the vat you have to pull the filter off the pot and get ready to lift.  Grab the handle rings and hoist the pot up about chest high so that you can set the pot on the waist high edge of the fryer (hope you checked to make sure the floor was not greasy!).  Keep in mind that the pot is now hot to the touch (here you can barrow my gloves that are good up to 550 degrees).  Okay, grab the top and the bottom and slide the pot down the front of the fryer so you can tilt the pot and pour the oil back in (remember that the oil is 350+ degrees, don’t splash).  Now while you are doing this, please make sure you don’t burn yourself or make a mess.  Oh, and do me a favor, imagine a really nasty, greasy piece of chicken all over your hands, clothes and hair.  Now you can start to appreciate the employee that performs this chore consistently.

This is not considered a personal problem for the restaurant owner, it is considered a personal problem for the employee, which effects the restaurant.  When employees dread the process it becomes a major chore instead of an easy job.  This effects the business over time through claims, turn overs, and less effectively performed protocols.

SOLUTION: Training with your crew on a filter machine designed to filter and transport hot oil safely.  With a light hose to direct the flow of the oil, your employees will perform their duties quickly and effectively because of their new found sense of security.

The Fry Right System works to make each and every job related to the frying process easier and less of a chore for your employees.  We can refer you to a very high quality  filter machine specifically designed to help make the filtering and dumping process Safe Adaptable Fast Effective for our partner’s employees.  The Fry Right System implements a specific set of training protocols that teach your team how to use their specific filter machine.  Our training and tools will make the daily filtering/cleaning process quick and easy.

Supplying a good quality filter machine greatly reduces the chance of employee accident claims which reduces your insurance premiums.

With Fry Right, we know that a safe employees is an effective employee.  Let us help you improve the filtering process for your employees while improving the cooking results from your fryers.