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System Driven Profits!

We have case studies and monthly reporting that support the following stats: 

  • Oil consumption reduction – 42.9% to 366%
  • Boil-out Labor reduction – 25% to 50%
  • Increase to profits – 50% to 87.5%

Fryers are the most profitable cooking tool in a commercial kitchen. Fryers wrap your food in a flavor enhancer which is why it tastes so good. Carbon and TPMs are out of control and the main reasons why profits are not maximized in this section of commercial kitchens. If you think or have been told the employees are the problem, monitor oil quality by color or 3m strips, boil-out or cascade, we can help improve your profits!

The Fry Right System enhances any oil management program. Our system simplifies the processes for the employee, making them effective and efficient. Its like giving a raise without increasing the pay. The result is the end of the cycle looks and tastes as good as the beginning of the cycle. Our locations report uninterrupted quality cycles of 7 to 18 days! How long is your quality currently lasting you? Consistent high quality with fried food is not a myth and we are provoing it every day!

Our system makes it easy for employees to achieve clean vats below the oil line, all the time!

A Turn Key Solution

We provide a comprehensive system with effective tools. This makes it easy for your employees to achieve amazing results. Consistent high grade quality fried food.  The system will adapt to the uniqueness of each individual kitchen.

A major chore becomes an easy job!

This system is progressive instead of degenerative.  Each cycle leaves the fryer vats cleaner than the prior cycle.  Imagine 2 to 5 minute scrub times in cold water!  It is wonderful, ask any employee familiar with an industry standard boil-out process.

Better results with less effort!

Our system delivers successful experiences in cleaning. This makes it so your employees don’t mind doing the work. Employees prefer to clean fryers over the grill in kitchens we work with!


Reduces Costs Increases Profits!


Safe & Healthier for Customers


Consistent Quality All Cycle Long


The Fry Right System = Green Solution

The Fry Right Difference:

We are not an Oil Management Solution.  We are a Frying Solution!  We optimize the force within frying. This makes fried food safe and healthier for customers! Our partners are achieving 10 to 18 day oil cycles with perfect presentable quality all cycle long!
This inclusive system makes it easy for your frying program to extend and preserve the integrity of the fried food quality it is delivering to the customer.  The system utilizes effective tools and protocols that make the machine cleaning process easy and effortless so anyone can keep up with the consistent grind of carbon creation!
We provide the training and tools needed for each position from cook to area director.  Our system merges with the work flow and does not disrupt business.  We have unlocked the secrets of this profitable cooking tool, and created a comprehensive system to follow to optimize this profit center.  We support everyone who wants to learn how to fry right.  Let us show you how you can achieve the most amazing results ever imagined, costing less than it costs you now! Join a team of frying masters who want to help the world, 1 fryer at a time!


What is this FORCE WITHIN FRYING you speak of?
Frying is possible by the chemical reaction called the Leiden Frost Effect.  This is a steam shield that exits food while its submerged in the hot oil.  This amazing shield keeps oil off of food 2 different ways. By sheer force and by that fact that water is polar and oil is non-polar. Check out the video from MythBusters in this post that shows the power of the Leiden Frost Effect.



Fry Right helps oil fry like new every day!
The color chart is one of the most popular methods of monitoring the break down of oil. This is due to the visual proof that when oil goes dark, fried food quality goes dark.  There are several franchises that correlate the color to the quality. When the oil starts to darken within a few days the food quality starts to go down.  This rationalization is also responsible for quality diminishing quicker when you get busy.  The oil goes darker faster and the quality goes dark quicker.  Fry Right knows that quality does not have to diminish with the color or a busy day here and there.  We have unlocked the secrets to producing golden fried food out of dark 10 day old oil, wanna bet?!



Proprietary system
The Fry Right System employs tools that anyone can find in the oil management industry.  The difference is we teach the why and how for effective implementation. This empowers your employees so they can produce INCREDIBLE RESULTS CONSISTENTLY!



We were doing 3 day cycles with our oil to maintain quality.  The Fry Right System helped us achieve 20 day cycles right off the bat, it was amazing! Since implementing The Fry Right System our fryers have gotten so much busier. This has caused our cycles to lose a few days, but who’s going to complain about that?  Thanks Fry Right!


Owner, MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub

My general managers love The Fry Right System.  They helped us improve our filtering process, along with extending the days we can take our oil. I think we were at 4 or 5 days when Fry Right first started with us.  Now all my locations dump their fryers every 2 weeks, and the fryers look amazing!  I can’t believe how clean they stay, and all my friends love how good the food tastes all the time! I know The Fry Right System is the difference!


Owner, Fiesta Ole

Sonic is all about higher quality everywhere, because they know how it effects sales.  The Fry Right System helps us achieve consistent high quality fried food with long oil life. I know that my fried food is selling better since we started working with Fry Right.  I am proud to have them with us in our new store in Rexburg ID. We did over 10k per day on opening weekend!


Owner, Sonic

It's about knowing how to Fry Right!

Don’t wait to help make it easier for your employees to increase savings and sales!